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5 Tips for English Teachers Moving Abroad with Their Dog


Are you interested in teaching English abroad? Footprints Recruiting offers great jobs opportunities to teach english abroad in a number of countries, including UAE, China, Korea and many others. Once you have secured a teaching position in a foreign country, you begin to consider what things you want to take along with you. Having a Continue Reading

Top Tips for Taking Your Dog on Vacation

Many dog owners are now opting to take their dog on vacation with them instead of leaving it behind with a pet sitter or at a boarding facility. Thankfully, an increasing number of hotels now allow pets. Here’s what to do to make your vacation with pooch more enjoyable. Before choosing a place to stay Continue Reading

How to Care of Dog?

Knowledge about how to take care dog hair and skin to assist pet owners, there are a lot of dogs with different types of hair coats. They need special care and protection against bacterial infection, which is by pet care possible. As a rule, many pet owners dog keep pets, because they enjoy their presence Continue Reading