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Buyer’s guide: how do I choose the best bed for my dog?

If you’re researching slumber options for your furry little friend, there are many options to choose from, and the varied styles and price ranges can leave your head spinning. You can pick up a basic pillow bed from your local pet store for as little as $20, or you can spend over $1,000 for something Continue Reading

Dog Waste Management – Things To Consider To Keep Your Surroundings Clean

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Everyone loves to have a pet. Pet waste is one such thing that can spoil your property’s appearance. It is an environmental pollutant that creates several threats to the surroundings and people nearby. Hence proper pet waste management is very important. There have been several initiatives taken up by people for proper and easy disposal Continue Reading

How to Train a Dog and Where to Start

Three main principles exist that are the basis for every good dog training method in existence today. Understand and master these three principles, and there are few limits to what you can train a dog to do! There’s no need to write a list of tricks; follow the instructions below, and you can develop your Continue Reading

Man’s Cruelty Knows No End! Dog Suffers in Storage Locker!

Man owes so much to his best friend, it’s hard to imagine that he would ever do anything to betray that relationship – and many dogs enjoy loving homes and have all their needs provided for. But every day, new cases of animal cruelty emerge. Dog fighting, neglect, abuse, abandonment. Dogs chained outside. Dogs not Continue Reading

Follow These 7 Right Steps To How To Bathe A Dog

Dogs are considered as an ideal companion because of their sincerity and unconditional care for people. Just like humans, they need to be cleaned regularly for hygiene. Bathing dogs can be a fun-filled activity and a form of bonding with the pet owners. However, there are times when dogs do not behave properly before the Continue Reading

Tips for Visiting the Vet

People always fear that visiting the vet will be a traumatic experience for their pets. The reality is, however, that if you find a good vet, your dog will be very well treated and probably spoiled a little bit as well, and they won’t be afraid to go at all. Even if they have to Continue Reading

Top Tips For Pet Care

Regardless of the species of pet that you have, there are a few things that you must do in order to enjoy a long and healthy relationship with your precious little pet. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind for the same. Seasonal care Just as you modify your lifestyle in Continue Reading

The Best Of Pet Care

There are many things that you can do when it comes to rendering the best care for your pet. Pig, dog, cat or exotic animal – here are a few tips and pointers that work. Pet insurance Investing in the right kind of pet insurance policy is a good idea for your pet and for Continue Reading

Going for the fully comprehensive insurance cover

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Today in this dynamic environment, it has become essential for the horse owners to get their animals insured by an insurance company. And that too the company should have advanced insurance coves covering the horse. This allows the company to take over the medical expenses, injury costs and maintained cost. Stoneways is one such company Continue Reading